2026 Ford Mustang GT: What We Know So Far

2026 Ford Mustang GT: What We Know So Far. The last Mustang GT was launched in 2014, so it is exciting to see what 2026 Ford Mustang GT has in store. If the company’s plan to redesign or perform a face-lift once in every 8 years is true, then we are looking at one tough cookie by 2025– set as the 2026 model. What can you expect from the new muscle ride?

Rumor has it that the ride would experience heavy facelift and makeup instead of a complete redesign purpose. Of course, new materials would be available, as well as new design and layout. But the basic and main design will still be the same while transformations are being done here and there.

2026 Ford Mustang GT Spy Photos

For a starter, there would be new sheetmetal for the front and the back that would retain the body’s basic inner panels, structure, door openings, and roof openings too. There were several spy photos of the new model’s prototype in camo. It was spotted with light camouflage on the front end and several parts. It seems that the new S650 is constructed from various parts. The wheels are inspired from Handling Pack Mach1. The side skirts and lower splitter are from Mach 1. And the dual exhaust dual tip design is from EcoBoost and GT models. These spy shots are still early as the company still has quite a long time to prepare their upcoming 2026 Ford Mustang GT.

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Engine Department

People are wondering whether the new 2026 would be coming with similar engine arrangement (as the current Mustang), which is the turbo petrol four cylinder engine as well as the EcoBoost 2.3 liter one. There is also a possibility that the ride would be coming with V6 petrol and also hybrid mix. Rumor has it that there would be a mix between the 6.8 liter V8 engine and the 5.0 liter of Coyote V8 when it comes to engine. It would be cool if there is a hybrid option, really! Along with the engine options, it is expected that manual six speed gearbox would be coming as well as auto torque converter 10 speed option, but it hasn’t been confirmed just.

2026 Ford Mustang GT Redesign

Speculations and Rumors

Many believe that the upcoming model may have switched to a new CD6 architecture with rear wheel driving system and longitudinal engine– which was used by bigger Lincoln Aviator and Explorer. After all, reports have mentioned that CD6 construction is considered a building block set that covers dash height components, suspension modules, engine bay, and axle to firewall construction– aimed to be interchangeable with various interior parts, electrical hardware, powertrain, and body. If the company does execute the construction for their upcoming S650, it should be exciting.

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Final Words

It hasn’t been clear about what kind of structure or construction that the company would go through, so estimation about the price and launch date are still far away. It’s interesting how Mustang GT has grown and developed over these decades, so it should be exciting to see and wait what 2026 Ford Mustang GT would be.

2026 Ford Mustang GT Pictures