2026 Ford Excursion Return: Rumors and What to Expect

2026 Ford Excursion Return: Rumors and What to Expect. Bringing back familiar nameplates from the past has become a regular thing in the automotive industry these days. We are seeing more and more of these comebacks and among them, there are some pretty special models, though we have to say we saw some big disappointments as well. In the case of the 2026 Ford Excursion, expectations are really high, as we are talking about a very special SUV, which was in production between 1999 and 2006.

The special thing about the original Excursion was its design approach. The model was based on a heavy-duty F-250 pickup truck and it was the biggest and most capable SUV on the market. We expect nothing less from the new model, which should become even bigger and more capable. At this point, we can only rely on rumors, but we hope that officials could come up with something in the near future too. At this point, you should take the following paragraphs with a reserve.

2026 Ford Excursion Powertrain

2026 Ford Excursion Engines

The engine lineup should be pretty much the same as well, though some sources suggest that the 2026 Ford Excursion would skip the base 6.2-liter gasoline engine. Instead, base models would come with a new 7.3-liter V8 unit, which puts out around 430 horsepower and 470 pound-feet of torque. Of course, we would definitely like to see this SUV equipped with the monstrous 6.6-liter turbodiesel, which puts out around 450 horsepower and an impressive 1.050-pound-feet of max torque.

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Both engines would come in pair with a 10-speed automatic transmission.

2026 Ford Excursion Price

2026 Ford Excursion Design

Of course, the base design is the thing that triggers most of us. Normally, we would expect to see the same approach, which means an HD layout, based on the F-250. The Super Duty truck features significant suspension upgrades compared to the F-150, so we would expect the same thing in this case. Compared to the current flagship model, the Expedition MAX, which comes with an independent rear suspension, the 2026 Ford Excursion would feature something far more rigid, probably the same setup as the aforementioned Super Duty pickup truck.

Naturally, the size is another thing that comes to mind. The original model was good for about 137 inches in wheelbase, while its successor, the Expedition MAX is currently on 131.6 inches. The Excursion wouldn’t have to get too much bigger, though we have to mention that the new generation of Suburban has really come pretty close to the original model in terms of size. So, we presume that the 2026 Ford Excursion would get a couple more inches in wheelbase and total length.

2026 Ford Excursion Powertrain


We don’t expect surprises when it comes to styling. We are pretty sure that Ford will tend to show the Super Duty character of this SUV, so the front end will most likely be very similar or identical to the truck sibling. The rest of the body should in a typical wagon layout, just like the original.

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The first thing that comes to mind about the interior is the amount of space. Naturally, three rows of seats will be standard and we have no doubt that all three will be extremely generous with space. The same thing goes for the cargo area, which should offer way over 150 cubic feet of the total volume.

When it comes to the dashboard design and overall layout, things should be very truckish. The dashboard will probably look pretty much the same as in the F-250, though we could see some smaller upgrades in terms of materials, color schemes and tech features.

2026 Ford Excursion Release Date and Price

Even though the 2026 Ford Excursion has been rumored, the fact is that the Blue Oval company is still quiet on this model and chances to actually see it are minimal. We presume it won’t be cheap if it comes one day. Some rough estimation would go around 70.000 dollars for the base version.