New 2026 BMW Alpina XB7 Hybrid, Specs, and Price

New 2026 BMW Alpina XB7 Hybrid, Specs, and Price. The new Alpina XB7 packs a magnificent 630-hp hybrid engine, contemporary looks, and loads of high-end functions for a bonkers $145,000 price tag.

Alpina, BMW’s current high-end department was founded in 1962 by Burkard Bovensiepen and had been carefully moonlighting for BMW before being obtained on March 10, 2025. Because its formation, Alpina has provided the marketplace a handful of vehicles that pledge high levels of high-end and more powerful performance than the regular BMWs. While there are numerous car tuning business in the market, Alpina is a company with exceptional potential.

2026 BMW Alpina XB7 Interior 1

Recently, Alpina has actually presented the new XB7 and it does get pretty fascinating here! Eureka! Alpina has added a mild hybrid system in the new XB7 that makes an astonishing 630 ponies, making it the fastest 7-series to date and officially faster than the Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600. The 2026 Alpina provides important touches with its XB7. A lounge-like, large cabin, Alpina-specific mechanicals, better security functions, and a lot more wait to be nurtured within.

New 2026 BMW Alpina XB7 Hybrid, Specs, and Price

2026 BMW Alpina XB7 Price

2026 BMW Alpina XB7 Offers Colossal Performance

With the new hybrid V8 and modern-day mechanical functions, the new Alpina XB7 is capable of speeding up from no to sixty miles in simply 3.9 seconds and takes only 12.4 seconds to cover a quarter-mile. BMW likewise declares the XB7 is capable of achieving a top speed of 180 miles per hour with the optional 21-inch wheels and the efficiency tire package, which the Bavarian business provides as a no-cost alternative. More impressively, the XB7 now offers up to 7,500 pounds of hauling capability.

In contrast, the 2026 Alpina XB7’s nearest rival, the Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600, provides 550 hp at 6000 rpm and takes 4.7 seconds to hit sixty and 12.9 seconds to cover the quarter-mile.

2026 BMW Alpina XB7 Specs

The New Alpina XB7 Got Bolder With Alpina Touches

The XB7’s overall shell style is very similar to that of the regular X7, but it comes decorated with crucial Alpina touches. The fascia features a pair of “horizontally-separated” headlight systems including sharp LED DRLs and a pair of bi-LED headlamps below. In between, the XB7 flaunts the iconic Kidney Grille, in which Alpina has actually outfitted LED lights to simulate a glow and waterfall result.

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While the majority of purists dislike the XB7’s polarizing appearance, this generation of the 7-series integrates better aerodynamics and cooling features. From the back, the XB7 is more extroverted. The Alpina letter and a subtle roof-mounted spoiler make it look seasoned. Listed below, the quad exhausts and five-chambered diffuser finish the look.

New 2026 BMW Alpina XB7 Hybrid, Specs, and Price

New XB7 Adds More Panache With The Alpina-Flavored Hybrid System

The new Alpina XB7 provides an enchanting driving experience with its new mild-hybrid 4.4-liter twin-turbo S68T0 V8 engine. This engine is coupled with a pair of two new turbochargers and a 48-volt electric motor in the eight-speed automated transmission.

The new hybrid engine uses a cross-bank exhaust manifold to evenly disperse gas in the turbochargers to help them provide their best capacity. The 48-volt motor in the gearbox uses slicker gearshifts and improves engine efficiency. Hence, the hybrid engine churns out 630 horse power and 590 lb-ft of net torque at a relatively low 1,800 rpm, offering a gorgeous lower-end punch and speedy performance.

The mild-hybrid engine utilizes a new Alpina-specific engine cooling system that includes a larger and more enhanced cross-section engine cooler, a built-in transmission cooler, external oil and water coolers, and a low-temperature circuit cooler to make sure optimal cooling capabilities for high performance.

New 2026 BMW Alpina XB7 Hybrid, Specs, and Price

2026 Alpina XB7 Is Built To Triumph In Any Condition

The 2026 Alpina XB7 includes BMW’s xDrive all-wheel-drive system and boasts a high ground clearance of 8.4 inches. The all-wheel-drive system comes geared up with an electronically-variable rear limited-slip differential to boost the grip in tough conditions.

The chassis comes geared up with a set of new adaptive suspensions to provide exceptional trip convenience and poised road manners. The adaptive suspensions are built with Alpina-specific dampers and supply three situation-specific adjustable settings. Read more New 2024 Ford Bronco Heritage Edition Price, Specs, and Colors.

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The system changes the suspension by an additional 1.6 inches to help it perform better off-road. In addition, the system reduces the trip height by 0.8-1.6 inches through the Sport or Sport+ modes, offering much better stability at 100-155 miles per hour.

Alpina has actually also equipped the new XB7 with a rear-wheel steering system to offer 2.3-degrees of left-to-right maneuverability for sharper steering action at high speeds. The extremely innovative steering system accommodates the XB7 with a brief turning radius of 21.4 feet, which is amazing considering it is a 3-seater SUV with 122.2-inches of wheelbase. All these make the new XB7 a remarkable performer in the city, off-road, or on tracks.

New 2026 BMW Alpina XB7 Hybrid, Specs, and Price

XB7’s Super Rich Cabin With Meticulous German Artistry

The XB7’s interior layout is one of its standout functions. The control panel style is futuristic, highly ergonomic, and unique, with the curved display showing the digital cluster on the left side and an infotainment system on the. For design, Alpina offers interior modification through ten different interior trims, ranging from carbon fiber to wooden accents.

Seating is catered for 6-7 individuals, with extended Merino leather seats as standard. For a richer experience, full Merino leather seats and Lavalina leather seats are offered. The front features BMW Comfort seats with power modification, heating, and other features. Ultra-luxurious features like M Sport aerated front seats, a massage function, and M Sport safety belt are also offered.

New 2026 BMW Alpina XB7 Hybrid, Specs, and Price

The infotainment system gets the new iDrive 8 interface operating system, offering user-friendly controls and best-in-class graphics. The interior functions a basic Harman Kardon premium audio system, but a new B&W Diamond premium surround audio system is readily available.

2026 BMW Alpina XB7 Price

The 2026 BMW Alpina XB7 costs a whopping $145,000 and can be scheduled right now. However, here’s the hardest part. BMW plans to begin the deliveries in early 2026. Till then, save up before you swipe a wholesome 145-grand.