Ford Crown Victoria 2025: Specs, Price, Concept, & Pictures

Ford Crown Victoria 2025: Specs, Price, Concept, & Pictures. We already wrote about the possible comeback of the 2019 Ford Crown Victoria. And while we wait for the official release of this iconic car, some rumors are already speculating about the Ford Crown Victoria 2025. The third generation is on its way according to speculations. It is yet unclear if 2019 is delayed or we could see both models in the near future.

Ford Crown Victoria 2025 Spy Shots

Mostly known as a police interceptor car, Crown Victoria is a very popular civilian choice. New Crown Victoria will offer a very simple exterior design that will suffer plenty of changes. The interior was perhaps the highlight of the outgoing model and it is one of the best interiors in the segment. Drivetrain options are not available, but the arriving model could use a 2.0-liter EcoBoost or powerful V8 engine. A new platform with the front-wheel-drive setup is on the cards.

Crown Victoria is one of Ford’s most iconic cars ever made. The 2nd generation of the car has been produced between 1997 and 2011 and has been used by police, taxi companies as well as civilians. The car was somewhat unique because it is based on a ladder chassis. This means heavy but also very reliable. More than a decade after the cessation of civilians it seems that the 3rd generation may be on the way. Far Ford has been quiet with this car but it looks like it is well formed. Most rumors suggest the car could be removed as the 2019 Crown Victoria as a 2025 model, first as a concept and then on the road as a production vehicle.

Ford Crown Victoria 2025 Exterior

There is no doubt about the fact that people love the platform because it is so versatile and powerful. His successor certainly will not be based on the ladder frame chassis. It will not meet all current safety standards and it will make the car a bit too heavy.

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It appears that the car will not be based on Ford’s superb front-wheel drive architecture. Instead, it may be built on a bespoke chassis derived from Mustang. This new platform will allow Crown Victoria to drive just as well as before and also feature a much larger engine than today’s sedans. The price is still an unknown factor but we expect it to be slightly more expensive than the current Fusion.

Ford Crown Victoria 2025 Wallpaper

Exterior Redesign

The previous Crown Victoria was so simple and practical when it comes to exterior design. Now, the Ford Crown Victoria 2025 will offer more aggressive styling with modern cues and features. The third generation should introduce a more upscale appearance with a completely different front end.

That includes new and larger grille, slimmer headlamps and larger bumper. The biggest change will for sure be the vehicle’s platform. Previous architecture was very versatile, but also too heavy, the new platform should result in a significant loss of weight.

Ford Crown Victoria 2025 Exterior

Stylish Interior Design

As we already mentioned, one of the strongest points of the second generation was the interior The same should happen with the third generation and Ford Crown Victoria 2025. That includes astonishing interior design with the perfect layout and numerous modern features. This model will get the same cabin design as the rest of the Blue Oval’s lineup of sedans and hatchbacks.

Ford Crown Victoria 2025 Spy Photos

Comfort is great and the technology is brilliant. We are still far from the production, so speculating about the interior specifics would be necessary. Numerous trim levels will for sure provide a luxurious interior, just like the optional features.

Ford Crown Victoria 2025 Engine Specs

What will the upcoming Ford Crown Victoria 2025 hide under the bonnet is still a mystery. Mostly speculated options are 4.6-liter V8 and the 2.0-liter EcoBoost. The most likely outcome is borrowing the engine from the police interceptor, which is a 2.0-liter EcoBoost. This engine delivers 240 horses and 270 lb-ft of torque. Those figures are similar to the outgoing model and will save Ford a lot of money.

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A 10-speed automatic transmission is the speculated gearbox, but we think Blue Oval carmaker will offer 8-speed automatic transmission. Front-wheel-drive will be standard if the new platform arrives. Rumors are also suggesting the Platinum variant could happen and it will arrive with the 5.0-liter V8 with 450 horses.

Ford Crown Victoria 2025 Price and Release Date

This full-size sedan will go on sale later in 2019 and it will cost around $30,000. It will be interesting to see the exact pricing of the Ford Crown Victoria 2025 and how many trim levels will be in the offer.

The predecessor of Ford Crown Victoria in 2025 has a very simple design that matches what is available at that time. The new generation of this car is expected to have absolutely nothing in common with its predecessor. Most of the rumors suggest that the new Ford Crown Victoria may have some traits with Ford’s ongoing vehicles.

Expect to boast a large front grille, a slimmer headlamp than before and also a less orderly design. It will still be a sedan instead of a hatchback, so it will still look more upscale than any other Ford sedan, the Fusion. It will also be slightly larger with some rumors suggesting that it may be larger than the new Continental Lincoln.

Ford Crown Victoria 2025 Interior

One of the main selling points of the 2nd generation of Crown Victoria is its very basic yet functional interior. The new one is not expected to be that way. This car will likely feature Ford’s latest corporate look, a much more comfortable seat and more technology.

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This should allow the Ford Crown Victoria 2025 to be a true luxury car and not just another sedan. In it there may be more space than before which is actually not an achievable achievement considering its predecessor is 212 inches in diameter, more than 77 inches wide and 57 inches tall.

Ford Crown Victoria 2025 Engine Rumors

Thanks to its rear wheel drive design the car should be available with some very attractive engine options. Most rumors show it will boast a V8 engine, just like its predecessor. The new 5.0-liter Ford naturally aspirated Coyote V8 is known to produce 450 horsepower and 450 lb-ft.

This is not very much, thanks to its lighter construction, the car should be more than capable of being much faster than before. A 10-speed automatic gearbox will likely be the only option. Some suggest all wheel drive can be added but we really do not think Ford will give this option to their customers. Even so, the rumor suggests Crown Victoria could be the most impressive sedan in recent years.

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